As a kid, French toast was always one of my favorite things. In France,
they call it “pain perdu” – meaning lost or wasted bread. With this
recipe, I’m incorporating the flavors of Spain into this classic breakfast
meal, so we can have a hot & spicy pumpkin-butter French toast.
Personally, for my bread, I like to use Texas toast which is a really
thick piece of bread that just works better when I slice these into sticks.

Serves 2

2 large grade-A eggs 1 cup milk (or half-and-half) 1 pinch cayenne pepper 4 tbl sugar 4 slices Texas toast 4 oz pumpkin butter 2 tbl butter (for frying) 

·        In a large mixing bowl, beat eggs and milk (or half-and-half) together.
·        To the batter, add cayenne pepper and sugar. Also add pumpkin butter and mix thoroughly.
·        Dredge each piece of bread in the batter. Use your hands but only do it once or twice. Too much dredging and the bread will turn soggy.
·        Add butter to a skillet and cook over medium heat.
·        Place toast in the skillet and let it cook until golden. Flip once using a spatula.
·        As each piece of toast cooks, place the finished ones on a baking sheet.
·        Transfer toast to a cutting board and slice each piece twice with your knife to get three equal sticks.
·        Transfer toast sticks back to baking sheet and hold in oven until ready to serve.