Now mayonnaise is the base of most recipes for deviled eggs, but I’m
going to do a Mediterranean twist on them by using an anchovy base.
And while I create my own paste using canned anchovies, you can buy
the paste in a grocery store. In European markets, anchovy paste
(canned or tubed) is everywhere. But making it homemade is really a
cool way to get to know the food yourself and understand the flavor.

Serves 15

1 can (4.25oz) anchovies in olive oil (or 2tbl store-bought anchovy paste) 1tsp coarse sea salt
1 dozen hard-boiled eggs, washed and shelled
1 cup whole mayonnaise
freshly-cracked pepper to taste

·        To make anchovy paste, remove anchovies from can and place on chopping block. Add coarse sea salt to get some gristle.
·        Using a large knife on a chopping block (or a mortar & pestle), chop and turn, continuing to make the pieces smaller. Once anchovies are finely minced, use the back of the knife to make a paste. Continue to chop and push. Place anchovy paste into a mixing bowl
·        Slice hard-boiled eggs perfectly down the middle. Clean your knife between each egg to keep a perfect, even slice.
·        Take each egg white and pop out the yolk into a mixing bowl. Transfer the egg whites directly onto the platter. 
the egg whites directly onto the platter. 
·        Combine anchovy paste and egg yolks and mix into mayonnaise. I like to use a fork, just like you might use to make egg salad. Add pepper. 

·       Spoon the mayonnaise into each egg white using a regular spoon.

·       Refrigerate until ready to serve.