If you’ve never had green-lipped mussels, they’ve got this beautiful
color and they usually come from New Zealand. My recipe for
making them is very simple. In fact it’s possibly the easiest recipe,
since every region of the Mediterranean, maybe every household,
has their special version of it.

When cooking mussels, it’s important to pick through and check
your selection. If a mussel doesn’t open up, throw it out because
it’s inedible.

Serves 15

1lb green-lipped mussels, picked over and thoroughly cleaned, beards removed
1lb black mussels, picked over and thoroughly cleaned, beards removed
8 tbl (1 cube) butter
2 tbl minced garlic
1 whole lemon
1 cup of dry white table wine

·       In a large stock pot, add butter and minced garlic and turn the heat on high, melting thoroughly (about one minute). If using fresh garlic, add it a bit later as it has a tendency to scorch faster.
·        Place mussels in the stock pot. Squeeze a whole lemon over the mussels, then tear the lemon and drop it in.
·        Add table wine over the top to deglaze. Place lid on the pan and let cook approximately four to five minutes, or until all the mussels open up.
·        Remove pan from the heat. Place mussels in a large platter to let them cool. Be sure to reserve the juices at the bottom for the vinaigrette.
·        Once mussels are cooled, prepare them for serving however you wish.
·        Take the juice from the bottom of the platter and mix with white wine. This will be the vinaigrette.
·        Refrigerate until ready to serve.